jb17<< MEET JULIA BAKER ’17 – “I’m a Psychology major and in the COES Professional Certificate Program here at Holy Cross. Last spring I completed the Marketing Communications and Sales workshop, and this past summer I was an Account Management Intern at BBDO. Working at an advertising agency gave me real world experience, but I am still anxious about job applications and interviews.

I am eager to participate in the Future Steps Workshop because I think it will be beneficial to reflect on my experiences at Holy Cross and develop my personal brand. I want to be able to take my liberal arts education, Psychology major and internship experience, to create a narrative that will demonstrate my value to future employers. This workshop will help me discover more about myself and help me through this critical time in my career path.”

Julia will be participating in the Future Steps Workshop over winter break to better prepare herself for interviews during senior year.  Join her to learn more about how to showcase your value to future employers, and connect your liberal arts education to the marketplace.

Registration Deadline: Thursday, December 1st 11:59pM
Workshop Dates: January 19-20, 2017
*This workshop is the capstone workshop required to complete COES Professional Certificate Program. Students must have completed Fullbridge and two alumni-led workshops prior to registering for Future Steps.




HC students participate in “Building Your Brand” workshop with Mimi Doherty ’02, President of Future Steps, LLC

For this week’s blog post we have guest blogger Chris Muzii ’14 filling us in on last weekend’s COES Professional Programs workshop…

My name is Christopher Muzii, and I am a sophomore. This past Saturday, I attended the Building Your Brand Workshop hosted by Mimi Doherty ’02, President and Founder of Future Steps, LLC. After my wonderful experience participating in the Summer Business Program, I was interested in taking advantage of the many opportunities available to students through the Ciocca Office of Entrepreneurial Studies. In addition, one of my good friends had participated in the Building Your Brand Workshop last year and highly recommended that I attend. The workshop proved to be a truly rewarding experience.

The first activity involved looking at what defined and individual’s brand. We used Jay-Z and Steve Jobs as examples of individuals whose personal brands have had a tremendous impact on society. Individually, my group discussed the factors that helped shape the personal brand of Jay-Z. Mimi asked us to consider not only the attributes of the individual, but also how these attributes are portrayed to the general public. How are we able to characterize Jay-Z as musically innovative without having ever met him? What does Jay-Z do or what impact does he create that allows us to identify his personal brand? We discussed with Mimi why we attributed certain traits to these individuals. Through thoughtful collaboration, Mimi helped us to redefine certain words that we were using to describe Jay-Z and Steve Jobs.

After the conclusion of the first exercise, Mimi asked us to consider our own personal brand. What attributes or skills do we possess that help define who we are as individuals? Through a similar process, we came to understand how to better distinguish ourselves individually by examining our own attributes and skills. We then edited our personal résumés, at this point having a better understanding of our personal brand and how to portray this brand to potential employers.

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in this workshop. The advice and questions that Mimi presented us with were both informative and valuable. The exercises that we completed throughout the day allowed us to gain a better understanding of what constitutes a personal brand. Having this knowledge, I feel that I will be able to relate my attributes to the past experiences that I have had appropriately in a professional setting.

Thanks Chris!  We’re glad everyone found the workshop beneficial and hope to see many of you at the information session for the Executive Leadership Workshop on Monday, September 30 at 5P.

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Helene Horan ‘06
Associate Director, Entrepreneurial Studies